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Bulk SMS

Our Mobile Marketing Solution allows you to easily send Bulk SMS messages. By using our platform to send SMS messages in Bulk, you can reach out to thousands of contacts within seconds. We can also provide SMS Short Codes, giving you a complete SMS communications solution.

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Bulk SMS


  • Personalised content and call to action for each campaign
  • Schedule text alerts
  • Target text messages based on segmentation
  • Complete campaign history and benchmarking reporting across your campaigns

Why Send Bulk SMS?

  • Send SMS messages to thousands of contacts within minutes
  • Contact recipients wherever they are
  • Response times are quick, with 95% of messages read within 15 minutes
  • Higher engagement rates than other popular forms of communication such as email

SMS Statistics

  • 6 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide
  • 95% of SMS messages read within 15 minutes
  • Average response time of just 90 seconds
  • 75% (3.05 billion) of the world's mobile phones are SMS enabled
  • SMS produces engagement rates 6-8x higher than email

Example Uses of Bulk SMS

  • Retailer could send details of sales promotions and offers
  • Banks could notify customers of their bank balances and overdraft status
  • Transport suppliers could notify travelers of delays
  • Sports club could notify fans of ticket availability
  • Recruiters could send candidates information regarding roles and interviews

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