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Business Solutions

Oxygen8's business solutions maximise value and ensure interactive communications become long term revenue and loyalty generating assets. All Oxygen8 solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly into your unique infrastructure, enabling cohesive communications via text, multimedia, voice and email.

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Busines Solutions

Mobile Marketing - Direct Control Mobile

Our Mobile Messaging Platform (Direct Control Mobile) handles the targeting, delivery and analysis of text messages and allows you to design and undertake mobile marketing campaigns through our web based application.

It's suitable for all companies that are looking to harness the power of the mobile channel as a communications tool to reach their customers more effectively than ever before.

Direct Control Mobile

Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM allows your workforce to access customer data on the go through their mobile phones and tablets. The ability to give your employees mobile access to customer data can help them deliver better results for your business and give you the competitive edge.

Mobile CRM

Call Handling - Direct Control Voice

Direct Control Voice, our leading Call Handling solution, allows you to manage and measure your inbound call activity and provides the vital information you need to make customer driven decisions to enhance every aspect of your business telephony.

Comprehensive reporting across all of the platforms functionality ensures visibility on cross-business performance and service levels.

Direct Control Voice

Debt Collection Solutions

Oxygen8 business solutions are designed to speed up late payments and reduce the cost of collection. Our focus is to enable you to maximise the impact of your messages and reduce your payment collection costs.

Fraud Prevention Solutions

Our business solutions combine SMS, email and voice broadcast communication technologies, designed to reduce the cost of fighting fraud, but drastically improving your capabilities of managing fraud prevention.

Debt Collection and Fraud Prevention Solutions

M-Commerce Solutions

M-Commerce, also known as Mobile Commerce, is a term used to describe making payments for products and services through mobile devices. M-Commerce is on the rise, due to the rise in smartphone sales in recent years, and allows you to cut costs, open up new sales avenues and increase customer loyalty.


Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps are a great way to build a capsule experience – a completely controlled environment in which to deliver information. We all value the importance of communicating with customers, but it’s equally important to communicate effectively with employees. We can help you implement effective internal communication, allowing businesses to promote products and reward staff.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Website Design

A mobile website works alongside your desktop website to bring mobile users a downsized, optimised version of your website. A mobile website is faster, easier to navigate and offers a better user experience, which can give you a competitive advantage and more importantly, lead to increased revenue.

Mobile Website Design

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