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Direct Control Voice - Features

The platform consists of a suite of features, each of which adds additional functionality. From call queuing to audio uploads, Direct Control Voice can be tailored to your needs. The features can be used to complement any of packages we offer or used as a standalone product to enhance your communications strategy.

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Direct Control Voice Feature

Voice Push

Voice Push ensures your message gets to everyone you need to reach in an effective and innovative way, sending messages simultaneously to literally thousands of customers within minutes.

Call Recording

The call recording system saves calls and records so that you can find specific calls for playback intuitively. The system gives you the option to select the relevant search criteria such as date, time, duration, dialled number and direction (inbound or outbound).

Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant is our IVR menu functionality which allows you to set up unique call routing options that the caller can select using key press to direct them to the relevant person or department.

Voice to Email

Voice to Email is a virtual voicemail service that enables you to attach voicemail messages to email. This functionality allows voicemails to be accessed anywhere, anytime and is also useful if you need to archive voicemail messages.

Comment Line

The Direct Control Voice Comment Line module allows your business to collect and manage comments from inbound callers, such as opinions during live debates or to collect customer queries.

Audio Playback

Audio Playback gives you the functionality to upload and play fixed audio content to callers to deliver vital information without having to bring in extra human resource at vast expense to deal with the call volume. You can create your own audio content or make use of audio libraries to relay messages without compromising customer service.


The Direct Control Voice Builder allows you to build and implement Interactive Voice Response services for your business, using an icon led drag and drop interface accessed through the cloud.

Fax to Email

With the Fax to Email functionality, you can target specific fax numbers to dedicated email addresses, which means that the fax you need is reached in an effective and innovative way. Faxes can be delivered simultaneously to as many inboxes as you require, to suit your business needs.

Reporting and Analytics

Comprehensive reporting across all platform functionality ensures visibility on cross-business performance and service levels.


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