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Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant is our Call Handling menu functionality which allows you to set up unique call routing options that the caller can select using key press to direct them to the relevant person or department. For example; “press one for sales, press two for customer services, press three for finance”. It can automatically manage and direct all of your businesses incoming calls, enabling you to divert incoming enquiries to specific departments or people within your organisation, without the need for human interaction.


  • Presents a professional image

    Effective Auto Attendant implementation will promote a professional image right from the very beginning of your customers call journey.

  • Reduce staff costs and maximise efficiencies

    Inbound calls can be routed to different departments or people without the need for a receptionist.

  • Amendments can be made quickly and easily

    As you will have full access to the platform in-house, you will be able to make amendments in real time.

  • Improves customer services

    Connects inbound callers to the relevant person quickly and efficiently, presenting a caring and customer focused organisation.

  • Minimises missed calls and increases sales

    Every call is important and could lead to a potential increase in revenue. Auto Attendant can ensure that your calls reach the correct department quickly for maximum impact.

IVR Menu

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