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The Direct Control Voice Builder allows you to build and implement Interactive Voice Response services for your business, using an icon led drag and drop interface accessed through the cloud. Each feature of your voice system is depicted with an icon and Builder allows you to setup flowchart style services. Each icon can be linked via ‘nodes’ and allows call flows to be defined effortlessly. Once a call service has been verified in Builder, the backend functionality of Direct Control Voice automatically creates the complex code that is required to make the service live and operational. All you need to do is press a button.

Builder has been designed so that anyone can use it. We know that not everyone has programming knowledge or the technical skills required to make other telephony systems work in the way your business needs them to. Accessed through your web browser, Builder runs alongside any existing Direct Control services you may already have in place and can interact with your existing voice infrastructure seamlessly. Builder is therefore a powerful voice service tool that can lower operational costs and allow you to focus on critical business activities.


  • Feature rich application that lowers operational overheads
  • Simple user interface reduces the time required to launch services
  • Edit and reuse existing services within your system
  • Technical code is automatically generated by Builder
  • Change call flows and services easily and immediately
  • Real time reporting and analytics

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