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Comment Line

The Direct Control Voice Comment Line module allows your business to collect and manage comments from inbound callers, such as opinions during live debates or to collect customer queries. You can add audio to the comment line to ensure effective two-way communication whilst reducing the need for direct human interaction.

You can allocate as many numbers as you want and direct them to a specific comment line and this can be managed through your Direct Control account. This allows you to place different types of numbers in different media to attract various demographics. The Direct Control Voice platform also allows you to analyse the popularity of your call routes to ascertain the most successful, which in turn allows you to roll out comment lines that you know will maximise participation.


  • Collect and manage comments from inbound callers
  • Improve user engagement
  • Use audio playback to create an effective two-way communication


  • Customer feedback collection
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Anonymous tips line
Comment Line

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