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Reporting and Analytics

Direct Control Voice allows you to manage and measure your inbound call activity, providing vital information that you need to make customer driven decisions that enhance every aspect of your business telephony. Comprehensive reporting across all of the platform functionality ensures visibility on cross-business performance and service levels.

Reports You Can Create

Target Numbers Report

Enables the customer to evaluate the call handling effectiveness of its Outbound DDI’s, Call Centres or Remote Working Staff and drilldown to analyse when this is occurring, for example, during specific periods of the day, or days of the week.

Missed Calls Report

Understand how many calls are missed and why, for example, the report may show ‘engaged’ - this might be due to there not being enough call centre agents or ‘unanswered’ due to callers hanging up before their call was taken. You can also check when calls were missed through using the time and date search.

Inbound Call Report

This is a high level report which allows you to measure inbound calls. The report provides a list of received, answered, unanswered and engaged calls.

Call Origination Report

Identify where calls are coming from – i.e town, county, country, postcode, TV region or area code.

Simultaneous Calls

Analysis which identifies call volumes at peak times. A valuable report which can assist with infrastructure planning, lines and telephone systems. It will also assist with rotas and staffing levels.

Unique Calls

This report highlights if the calls are from new callers/customers. Its primary purpose is to identify if the caller ever called before – if not, they are shown as unique.

Day/Evening/Weekend Report

High Level report to understand when calls are being made.


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