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Debt Collection

Our Debt Collection solutions are designed to speed up late payments and reduce the cost of collection. We know that when customers pay late it can mean real cost implications for your business. Not only is your cash flow delayed, but chasing customer payments has real operational costs. The majority of customers simply forget to pay, but late payers can easily turn into delinquents resulting in the increased cost of debt collection.

Our tailored business solutions provide you with a fully integrated mobile and voice collections system that can automate your entire interactive communication activity, placing the right message with the right person at the right time. Our focus is to enable you to maximise the impact of your messages and reduce your payment collection costs.

We can provide a solution that can either deliver multiple messages to multiple recipients every day automatically, or send specific individual messages when required, all of which can be integrated with your current systems to ensure your efforts to maximise revenue collection are working in harmony. We want to help you maximise contact rates so all our messages are sent through secure routes, and each message receives delivery receipt information.

We can deliver a solution that includes bespoke reporting on our mobile marketing solution, or we can embed our solutions within your existing MI tools and reporting system.


  • Improve your cash flow - posting a red bill takes a couple of days to arrive, an SMS takes a couple of minutes
  • Lower costs - a red bill costs pounds to post, an SMS costs pennies
  • Improve management information - You cannot tell if a customer has read a red bill, Oxygen8 offers delivery receipts
  • Environmentally friendly – decreases paper communications

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