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Fraud Prevention

Fraudulent transactions are an increasing problem for many companies in financial services, particularly with increasing volumes of internet and card not present transactions as well as global travel. The cost of fraud can be substantial and managing the process adds even more cost to a business. But, the opportunity cost of labelling a genuine transaction as potentially fraudulent is even higher.

Our business solutions combine SMS, email and voice broadcast communication technologies, designed to reduce the cost of fighting fraud, but drastically improving your capabilities of managing fraud prevention. All of our solutions can be tailored to suit your requirements, and we offer easy integration to your existing infrastructure and business systems to ensure maximum impact within your business operations.

Reports You Can Create

  • Reduce the time to identify and solve a fraudulent transactions
  • Improve Call Centre Efficiency – automate simple customer care functions and reduce call centre overheads
  • Improve management information - you cannot tell if a customer has read a letter but we provide delivery receipts
  • Identify fraudulent transactions quickly to reduce further risks

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