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M-Commerce Solutions

M-Commerce, also known as Mobile Commerce, is a term used to describe making payments for products and services through mobile devices. M-Commerce is on the rise, due to the rise in smartphone sales in recent years, and allows you to cut costs, open up new sales avenues and increase customer loyalty.

Our solutions allow you to mobilise payments and purchases. Whatever the industry, we can help implement a mobile commerce strategy using a customised solutions tailored to your business and customers. Payment solutions such as Payforit allow you to accept mobile payments, whilst a mobile website allows you to present a customised interface tailored to mobile devices, helping to increase conversion rates and improve your customer’s experience.

M-Commerce Statistics

  • 28% (4.7 million) of smartphones users buy through their mobile phones
  • By 2015, the value of global mobile transactions will reach $1 trillion, growing from $241 billion in 2011
  • 38% of adults say their mobile phone is more important than their wallet

Paybill Numbers

Paybill Numbers enables organizations to receive funds from their customers or subscribers for goods and services rendered. We have created an API that picks data from the MPESA bridge and gives a notification with details on the payment made thus enabling seamless confirmation of funds and prompt service delivery.

PayForIt Billing

Premium SMS

Premium SMS allows consumers to pay for services and content through SMS, which is then charged to their mobile phone account. Using an SMS Short code, consumers are charged for sending and receiving a premium text message, and removes the need for time consuming registration forms.

Premium SMS

Premium Rate Numbers

A Premium Rate Number is a telephone number used when businesses require inbound calls to be charged at a higher rate than that of normal numbers. Part of the call charge is paid to you, so your business can be funded via the calls. A great example is a technical support line, where customers are paying for the expertise and support through their phone bill.

Premium Rate Numbers

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