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SMS Alerts

Our mobile marketing platform provides an ideal mechanism for news alerts and subscription services, providing timely information to consumers, whilst also generating revenue for content owners.

We can provide you with a platform that supports news alerts and subscription services, intuitively allowing you to configure and manage your own SMS content in minutes. We can also offer a range of ready-made alert services for you to promote to your clients.

Our mobile marketing platform also supports services that can be to MMS services, where users can also receive rich media picture, audio and video. Alert services can also be used by enterprises as a free to user service to enhance services to customers or staff or improve their business efficiency.

Alert services can be used as a management tool for internal staff communications or investor relations, for business continuity and disaster recovery applications, or for system monitoring and alerts. The platform integrates seamlessly into Enterprise systems to drive such services.


  • Improve communication before, during and after any event
  • Reach a wider audience than is possible through other mediums
  • Generate increased sales through impulse purchases and real time reaction

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