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SMS Auctions

SMS auctions are a great way to not only generate revenue, but also build an opt-in mobile database that can be used to integrate mobile communications into your overall marketing campaign activity.

Unlike the web, the mobile channel enables consumers to respond instantly wherever they are and be kept fully informed of their bid status within seconds. Not only are auctions exciting for consumers, they can generate significant new revenue streams for many media groups.

Using the Oxygen8 mobile solution, services can be set up quickly and simply ensuring full compliance with local regulatory and operator codes of conduct. Our unique system allows you to decide between traditional highest bid and lowest unique bid, sending the consumer hints along the way to encourage immediate participation. The system also offers a choice between single winners or multiple winners.

The mobile channel opens up effective and personal two-way communications with consumers, delivering tailored content to a bidder's phone, whilst keeping the customer focused on the auction.


  • Increase interactivity between brand and consumer
  • Add new revenue stream whilst raising brand awareness
  • Build a mobile database for further targeted promotions

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