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SMS Competitions

SMS competitions provide an immediate and easy way for your business to generate additional revenue and increase promotional engagement. We can help you run exciting mobile auctions and competitions that truly engage consumers.

Audience participation is now integral to all brands. Mobile competitions are an excellent way to complement brand marketing to engage in two-way communications with your customer base. Using premium rate SMS texts and short codes, you can run simple competitions such as asking customers to answer a question by sending a text from a selection of keywords, or be as complex as running multi-question / multi-response quizzes.

Each SMS text sent by a customer is delivered straight into the Mobile Solution we implement for you. The system analyses the text content and selects a pre-set premium rate SMS message to send back to the customer. This message is set at a tariff of your choosing, creating a mobile billing mechanism that generates your revenue.


  • Enjoy interaction with hard to reach 'mobile' consumers
  • Reduce costs of undertaking competitions
  • Build a mobile database for further targeted promotions

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