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SMS Feedback

SMS feedback utilises SMS text messaging for measuring customer satisfaction. Oxygen8's technology is highly effective for capturing feedback from any mobile phone, anywhere, anytime.

There are a number of ways we can help you undertake mobile surveys and collect feedback. Oxygen8 can help you set up routed questionnaires that automatically distribute specific questions via SMS text, dependent on the response previously received. A survey commences when a respondent is compelled to provide initial feedback to a short code, that you are advertising either at your locations or in other media.

Oxygen8 can provide you with a short code that customers can simply text and freely give feedback about their experience of the service provided or products purchased. The information will then be analysed by our Mobile Phone SMS survey management system, to ensure that customers are presented with simple, meaningful data that can be used almost immediately.

Oxygen8 can repurpose any web surveys that you are currently running, including incorporating your brand's look and feel into the mobile design.


  • Customer experience feedback
  • Requests during live events
  • Pre / post event feedback

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