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SMS Gateway

Enjoy the full use of our Mobile Marketing Platform using our robust SMS gateway. It enables clients to send and receive text messages via their own applications using an API. There is no requirement to download software and the ease of using the SMS Gateway ensures your mobile marketing services can be up and running in minutes.

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SMS Gateway API

How it Works

Utilising our SMS Gateway, our mobile marketing platform can be directly integrated into your current systems via an API. Oxygen8 provide a simple interface that enables clients to automatically send and receive SMS text messages on the internet. The SMS Gateway also lets you obtain delivery receipts for text messages directly into your chosen server, business system or website.

Implementing our mobile marketing platform via the Oxygen8 API SMS Gateway is simple. We provide you with the relevant code which enables a link to be created between the Oxygen8 mobile marketing platform and your application.


  • Time-saving contact management
  • Quick-message templates
  • Powerful reporting for improved business intelligence
  • Cost-effective communication with customers, suppliers and employees.

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