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SMS Voting

Voting has been adopted the world over by media companies seeking feedback on editorial items, or for television viewers to cast votes to determine the outcome of reality shows.

Setting up such services on the Oxygen8 platform is a simple process, completed in minutes. It keeps your customers interested in your content and your business generates additional revenue while they participate. Collecting votes from mobile phones is the most effective way to understand what your audience is thinking.

We have implemented mobile voting solutions across a wide variety of industries and our mobile marketing platform allows you to create as many surveys / polls as you need to ensure you reach the widest possible audience and maximise consumer involvement. The system allows you to schedule the collection of votes so that you only collect votes at specific times, or you can set your poll to automatically finish at a certain point in time.


  • Capture accurate point of experience eeedback
  • Analyse and report on performance in real time
  • Remove barriers between your brand and your consumers

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